Cryptoworld: Blockchain - New Reality

About the Summit

The first annual international Summit “CryptoWorld. Blockchain – New Reality. Peer-to-Peer Economy of Knowledge. Megatrends”.
The summit is organized as a meeting of leaders among leaders: visionaries and thinkers, technological evangelists and innovators, business leaders and public opinion leaders.
The main task of the Summit is to help everyone find place, source of income and learn how to live in a new world. We are going to discuss the latest technologies and the most topical world social and economic trends.

Summit resheduling

We are very pleased that our Summit "Cryptoworld. Blockchain - New Reality "and its programme have attracted such great interest.
Unfortunately, our plans have been changed by unforeseen circumstances: a number of key speakers will not be able to participate in the announced dates for personal reasons.
We are forced to admit that our Summit cannot be as useful and interesting as we intended. This led us to only one possible decision – to reschedule our event.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
We have an important mission – to help everyone to find their place, their source of income, and to learn to live in a new world. Without these speakers we cannot reach these goals, and we made a tough decision to reschedule our Summit to yet undetermined time.
However, we are confident that the future Summit will be really useful and inspiring in the near future, and we will do our best to make it happen.
Website and Telegram channel will continue to work in an interactive mode.


100 BYN 120 BYN
1000 BYN 1200 BYN
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Day 1
Panel 1
Megatrends: Peer-to-Peer Economy of Knowledge – What Is Changing the World Around Us.
Panel 2
Field of Miracles. Prospective Technological Trends.
Panel 3
Network Partnership. Blockchain and Smart Сontracts
Panel 4
Believe It or Not. Practice and Prospects. Risks and Opportunities.
Day 2
Panel 5
For those who dream. Prospects Beyond Understanding.
Panel 6
Personal Experience. Best Practices.
Panel 7
ХYZ - Initiative. Crowd Networking and Its Prospects. League of Blockchain Nations.
Panel 8
Social Consensus in the New World. New Generations Choice.


Dream Team Investments Hedge fund, option strategies
Universa Blockchain protocol, smart contracts

Media Partners


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